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Please review my revamp. by Oranguin Please review my revamp. by Oranguin
So I changed a shiteton of stuff on this guy. <_> Like his eyecolor, the color on the inside of his ears to match that of other Growlithe, his wardrobe, his history, his personality, etc. Please review this, telling me what I might need to add or take out. ^^'


EDIT: This is v.2 of his revamp. u_u' I didn't add a whole lot more, but still...


:bulletred: Name: Adrian William Foalsteppe

:bulletred: Age: 15

:bulletred: Gender: Male

:bulletred: Pokémon: Growlithe

:bulletred: Birthday: March 28th

:bulletred: Nature: Rash

:bulletred: Ability: Flash Fire

:bulletred: Hometown: Varies - originally Celadon City, Kanto

:bulletred: History:
Adrian's father, an Espeon named William Cornelius Foasteppe, was raised in a beachside condo near Olivine's beaches. The bright sunlight was how he evolved. When his parents sent him off to college, he headed to Celadon, City, Kanto, for his education. There, he met the love of his life, a lovely Arcanine girl named Dawn Seleine Wood.

The pair graduated together, got married, and eventually had a child: Adrian. Overwhelmed by the unexpected new family, Mr. Foalsteppe seaked a job in his prefered field. He did succeed, and he had a tight grip on his dream job. Mrs. Foalsteppe remained a stay-at-home mom, usually spending time bonding with her son. Since Mr. Foalsteppe's dream job didn't have a remarkable paycheck, they decided that one child was enough. Adiran's parents loved him very dearly, and he spent a quaint first three years of his life with them in a typical appartment complex, much like most of Celadon's population.

However, Celadon, being a large and somewhat overpopulated city, usually had problems dealing with the population. For instance, some companies ended up hiring too many Pokémon to keep up with heavy payloads. Mr. Foalsteppe was no exception. He was one of the many Pokémon who was laid off his job. There was no other option - Mr. Foalsteppe had to seek out another job. To his relief, he found one fairly quickly. It also had a higher pay, but there was a catch. It was a travelling agency. The Foalsteppe family had no choice but to move away. And it would be happening a lot.

To their dismay, the family left Celadon for good; they moved out of the appartment, out of the city...out of the region. Their first move landed them in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh. Luckily, though, it was near a beach. ...Much like the rest of their moves. William Foalsteppe's job was to live in one spot for about a year, maybe two if they were lucky, and send back reports about the local attractions and how they ran. Since Mr. Foalsteppe listed in his resume about living near a beach, his new boss decided that this employee would be sent to beach-like hotspots more than anything. Each and every move was also fully funded.

Adrian, however, adapted to the hectic lifestyle just fine. Being too young to remember anything about staying in one place to live, he knew no other life than switching locations every school year or two. In fact, he found it utterly strange to stay for two years instead of one. He is very used to things like jetlag and culture shock, and he knows exactly how to deal with them.

As a small child, Adrian's mother was always nearby. Just like when he was a toddler, Mrs. Dawn Foalsteppe swore to be her son's guardian angel, especially since her nature as an Arcanine made her extremely protective of those she held dear. It became tradition that after every move, she would take her child around the city in order to familiarize themselves with it. When his father was around, the family would head down to the beach for a couple hours of fun. Adrian became very familiar with beach culture and even picked up the language of the local surfers for childish, naive fun. To be honest, it didn't please Mrs. Foalsteppe very much, but it became habit anyway.

School, however, was a different story. When Adrian started first grade, he was both as excited and as nervous as any child would be. His mother gave just the advice any mother would have given their child: "Just be yourself. You'll do fine." As such, the young child tried being nice and opening up to different Pokémon. His beach-cultured voice and mind earned him a popularity of sorts as a unique individual. This he took into full notice, and as such he ended up developing the mindset of "Do whatever you like, no matter how crazy it may seem. It's a show. The crowd loves a good show." In this, he was given the illusion that he was making lots of friends, since so many Pokémon wanted to hang out with him. In each and every move, there was a huge cloud of Pokémon of which he dubbed his friends. He spent as equal time with them as possible, unable to choose favorites and unable to decline invites to events and parties, mostly due to his naturally loyal nature as a Growlithe. His friends were mostly always heartbroken when he had to move away, but he always found their dispair as a small burden. Blind to living any other life than changing location often and meeting new Pokémon, he thought it was okay.

Approaching tween years, Adrian found it more efficient to start wandering around on his own, as long as somebody was with him. His mother, considering her son was becoming more independant (but still heartbroken that she couldn't spend more time with him), decided to get part-time jobs instead of looming around the house all day. His parents became used to this new behavior in their son and decided not to worry if they came home and found that he wasn't there; they just assumed he was out with his friends.

The family's most recent move brought them to Lilycove City - a sparkling jewel of a city that pretty much promotted the layed-back beach life. As far as the fourteen-year-old Adrian knew, this was just another move. Nothing too special. He was applied to school, met some Pokémon at first glance, and proceeded through everything as per usual.

One day, he was invited to the beach for a party, since some of buddies wanted to see how he would act on an actual beach. He was his usual self, until a Vulpix girl around his age approached him. Her name was Teri, and she came from a particularly wealthy family near the east side of the city. But they ignored class, chatted, hung out, and became fast friends - faster than Adrian usually does. This was very different. He started spending less time with a large cloud of Pokémon and hung out with Teri instead. Despite her not knowing that much of beach culture, two bizarrely shared a lot in common. They bothe had Flash Fire, they both knew Sunny Day by TM, they were about the same size, they shared somewhat similar tastes in music... They were inseperable. Probably one of the only big differences between the two was that Teri had an unquenchable attraction to crystals and likewise precious stones. They worked well in double battles together, too, since they used Flamethrower on each other to raise their firepower. They both even prefered battling in the daytime, since Adrian's moveset was already daytime-dependant, and Teri prefered the daytime anyway. He finally found someone he could call a best friend. In the time of knowing him, Teri even developed something of a crush on the boy, but kept it a secret from the world.

But with the goods also come the bads. Whenever Adrian wasn't around Teri, he was hanging out with a small crowd of unruly Pokémon, led by a cheeky and cunning Ditto. They had just been waiting in the background, hoping for a loyal, gullible somebody like Adrian would somehow just show up and do their dirty work. And lo and behold, he did. They refrained from their usual crimes just long enough to gain the Growlithe's trust, and just enough trust had him able to call them just a couple more friends in his paws.

As a small test, the malicious Pokémon decided to somewhat detatch themselves from Adrian, just to see what measures he would go through to stay a part of the group. He fell for it. His stubborn Growlithe loyalty got the best of him, so he went with them to go get some "markings," as they called them. The Ditto leader posed as his mother in order to sign some legal papers allowing him to pierce one of his ears and get a tattoo. He didn't have much say in which tattoo he got; the one he ended up getting was the kanji symbol for "ambition," and it was placed on the back of his right shoulder.

Teri was apprehensive about his new ear stud, only letting her imagination go so far in reasons why he would have it. But then she found the tattoo. At first, Adrian attempted to encourage Teri that nothing was wrong, that it was just a special outing. She wasn't convinced. Just like a protective mother, she insisted that he joined her for her capoeira lessons, just to reassure his protection. (See, her parents being wealthy, they'd want the best fir her daughter, and for her to be able to protect herself. At first, they reccommended karate, but she wouldn't have any of it. She wanted something a little more graceful. So her parents imported a foreign capoeira trainer to give her weekly lessons.) He joined her for all her lessons and picked up the basics of the martial art in a couple weeks. It even convinced him to re-learn a Fighting-type move - Reversal.

Near the end of the school year, a big night approached. A large supply of useful hold items were being shipped into the Lilycove Department Store, and the gang planned to rip some off. Of course Adrian disagreed at first, and he began to question why he included himself in a group of Pokémon such as themselves. Teri was right. They were finally showing their true colors, in his eyes.

The group did end up breaking in, and again, Adrian's stubborn Growlithe loyalty kicked in, and he joined the heist. He didn't plan on taking anything, however, and he planned on ditching the group once the break-in was completed. Or, if they were caught, he wouldn't be holding any proof that he was in the thieving party. That didn't exactly go as planned. Once the party decided to leave with their haul, Adrian's eyes unfortunately caught something. A Heat Rock. It was gorgeous, how the stones gleamed in the night, reflecting the rays of the moon as if they were that of the sun instead. He couldn't help thinking of Teri - the two were so comparable, especially since she loved crystals so much. He wanted it. It was a pang that he couldn't satasfy any other way than what was available at the time. But he didn't want this stone for him. He wanted it for her. See, since it was nearing the end of the school year, the Foalsteppe family was already packing up for another move, and this was the first time Adrian was compelled to give anyone a present to remember him by upon leaving. So he swiped the Heat Rock. The gang was waiting on him outside, and grins spread across their faces when they found that he had stolen something. But even so, he broke it to them that he would be leaving the group, and he honestly didn't want to included anymore. He figured that was a stupid move when they all attacked him in retaliation. He was severely outnumbered... and outpowered considering Ditto could transform into anything it wanted to; he knew he couldn't stand a chance on his own, especially since it was nighttime. Sunny Day and Morning Sun were useless. The best he could forge was a Reversal while he was weak - using some of the capoera techniques he learned from Teri - and a furtive escape. ...With his Heat Rock.

At the same time, Teri was back home, unable to sleep. She was fully aware of her best friend and crush having to leave so soon, since he told her very far in advance. She was up contemplating her relationship with him, especially since she had never confessed her feelings to him yet. It needed to be done, she thought, and there's no time quite like the present, right? So she sneaked out of her house and made her way over to his neighborhood.

Emensely embarassed by his lack of judgement, Adrian decided the best idea would be to slip back home and take care that absolutely no one noticed his wounds. Come dawn, he would use Morning Sun to hide what happened that night. He made it back to his neighborhood easily... Until Teri caught him trying to sneak through his own front door. Seeing his wounds, he'd think she would take pity, but the exact opposite occured. She scolded him and accused him of activity in the gang, which she was already suspicious of. He tried to lie his way out, telling her that it wasn't what it seemed, but she wouldn't buy it. Out of desperation, he offered her the Heat Rock, but she whacked it out of his outstretched paws, and it shattered on the driveway concrete. She then burst into tears and ran off, brokenhearted. That night, Adrian felt his life was relentlessly torn apart; at that moment did he also realize that he really liked her. She had never desired her comfort more. But it was too late. She was gone, and he couldn't do anything to fix his mistakes.

In no time, the Foalsteppes were on the plane to their next destination: Undella Town, Unova. And on that plane did Adrian break it to his parents that he didn't want to live like this anymore, constantly changing location. He wanted to find a place he could bond with, with Pokémon just as welcoming. He wanted to keep longing relationships with those he met from then on out. He told them he felt was life was deprived, in a way. At first, his parents didn't know what to do, but upon reaching their new town, they found an advertisement that Armonia Academy was accepting new students. They figured it was best, since applying him to so many schools was already tight on their budget. Once Adrian got the news of their find, he hastened to write his application letter, esctatic about the new opportunity.

:bulletred: Summary characteristic: Capable of taking hits.

:bulletred: Personality: Adrian is a happy-go-lucky guy with a bright attitude. He is very tolerant of different personalities, as he's used to meeting different Pokémon and he's used to how different everyone can be. However, he makes descisions without second thought. He tries making friends without thinking about how it would eventually turn out. He loves to have fun, but his judgement isn't the best, and he is extremely prone to acting from peer pressure. Some of the foolish things he does, however, are small, and usually end in a laugh. He will accept some guidance when he is unsure about his descisions, though. Just from being a Growlithe, he is naively loyal, and will always stand up for those he calls his friends. Through all of this, he tries desperately to notice his flaws hopefully early enough to stop himself from doing something stupid. He also tries to be more cautious of the Pokémon he meets, usually judging by the things they do. If he ever attends or hosts events, he tries to be as innocent and harmless as he can be. Again, being so rash, the key word there is "tries." Finally, and unfortunately, because of that gang, he's trying to break out of the habit of lying.

-Scrapbooking - With every new move, he fills a couple pages with memories of the sights, the events, and friends he discovered there.
-Photography - Of course he needed to carry a camera around with him. It's ideal to carry something like that if you intend to compile scrapbooks. And after years of taking multitudes of pictures detailing all of his different homes, he started taking pictures of other things, like flowers and trees. He found it rather enjoyable, and started admiring the scenery around him more. He eventually decided that professional photography was a suiable career path, and carries around a heavy duty high-powered camera for when he's serious about his work. He
usually likes to work alone, however. ...It helps him concentrate.
-Seeing his beachy past, Adrian's father introduced him to volleyball at an early age. As such, he never passes up a good game of volleyball. It's easily his favorite and most cherished sport.
-Adrian's father also found some free time in his preteen years to teach him how to kayak, despite his mothers logical protests.
-Meeting new Pokémon would be an obvious pasttime of his.
-He wants to try to find someone who can continue his capoeira training, but since it isn't that popular of a martial art, his confidence is somewhat low.

-Morning Sun (Egg)
Inherited from his father.
-Sunny Day (TM)
The TM was abirthday present from his father, since he was so proud of his sonfor keeping the inherited move through all his years. This is usually the move he starts out with in battle, especially when coupled with his Heat Rock.
This is just a move to do some damage. Also works great with Sunny Day.
Usually used to stand up for himself. It''s his trump card of sorts; once his HP is low, he knocks them away. Then he uses Morning Sun to refresh himself so he can keep going. When he uses it, he performs some of the capoeira as well, so it usually takes the form of a graceful kick.

-His large ears and long fur on his cheeks were inherited form his father. And his blue eyes were from his mother.
-He keeps the shard of the Heat Rock that shattered as both a reminder of Teri and a reminder to think about his actions. He wears it wherever he goes. Same with his ear stud, though that's a reminder that foolish actions can lose friends.
-Despite being a Fire-type, he loves the ocean. He doesn't ever swim, though - his mother stepped in with a say that ne never learns how to swim. However, if he's stupid bold enough, he usually goes out on the open water in a kayak and usually regrets it later. At least his mother raised him to use a lifejacket.
-For reference, here's what his tattoo looks like: [link]
-He's pretty short for his age, only standing at a modest 4'10". He'd definately be taller if he was an Arcanine. (But as they say, "I'm not small, I'm fun-sized.")
-His name, Adrian, actually came from Andrew. Since Black 2 and White 2 are coming out soon, I decided I wanted to raise an Arcanine and name him Andrew after a severely underdeveloped and, justly so, abandoned character from my past. But because of Andrew, I have a hard time trying to make something in the Growlithe/Arcanine family without it starting with an A and making it have a D somewhere in it. Foalsteppe was because I wanted it to have an innocent, but at the same time, young and naive-sounding name. William, in all honesty, was just pulled out of the air.
-He uses beach-like vernacular. I.E. He's more comfortable with words like "dude" and "gnarley" than most anything else in the English dictionary.
-He is actually pretty coordinated when it comes to his body - he is okay at dancing and some sports, especially volleyball. He'd prefer other activities... His singing,'s comparable to chuggaaconroy. And he doesn't realize it. Careful, he loves kareoke!

Adrian is mine.
Pokémon is © to Nintendo.
PKMN Armonia is © to *antennahero and *LicoriceBunny.
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